Everywhere your business needs to go locally

  • Employees and or guests travelling on business have scheduled flights.
  • Employees and or guests schedule each day to get into office at a certain time
  • Local business trips to meetings and or other events are scheduled
  • Why should you not then schedule your ground transportation on how your employees and or guests get to and from office or scheduled events?
Manage it from
one central

One central dashboard for domestic and international ground transportation bookings

Just an email or a phone number for your employee or guest is needed to start booking a ride for him/her

Corporate Security and Peace of Mind

  • Ability to confirm ride booking before finalizing the action
  • Provide tracking of your rides based on country, state, city and date range

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Employees or guests have control over the ride

  • Employees or guests have control over the ride
  • With the Zypps App the employee or guest has access to a history of all the rides taken with Zypps